Export bot list

By exporting the list of bots used by the organization, the administrator can see which bots are used by the organization and encourage members to organize their bots. Topics in which the administrator is not a participant will also be exported, but tokens will not be included.

This feature is available for all plans.

Note: This feature is only available for administrators.


  1. Open the Settings panel in the lower left corner of Typetalk.
  2. Click Export in the Manage Organization category.
  3. Click Export in the Bot Export column and click Start Export.


When the export is ready, the download process will begin.

Export file format

The data to be exported consists of a single CSV file.

Column Description
Topic ID Identify the topic.
Topic name Name given to the topic.
Bot creator ID Unique ID of bot creator.
Bot creator name Name of bot creator.
Bot creator Nulab ID ID inside the system that identifies the bot creator.
Bot ID Identify the bot.
Bot name Name given to the bot.
Bot overview Overview filled out to the bot.
Bot URL URL to access the bot configuration page.
API Scope Scope used by the bot (topic.post, topic.read)
Outgoing Webhook Type Outgoing Webhook Type (all, mention)
Outgoing Webhook URL The URL to which Typetalk will send the HTTP request when the target message is posted
Bot creation date and time Date and time the bot has been created.
Bot last execution date and time Date and time the bot has been last run.

Export other data

In addition to this, the following data export functions are available

For Administrators

For members

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