Integrate with OpenAI

This new integration utilizes OpenAI's technology to summarize the content and comments within your tasks, making it easy to get up to speed on everything that’s happened so far. 

Managing complex projects with lots of tasks and comments can be challenging, and this AI-powered feature can simplify tasks in Backlog.

Registering the OpenAI API Key

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Only administrators can register an OpenAI key.

To begin using the Issue Summaries feature, you'll need an OpenAI API key. API key registration is specific to each space within Backlog. To make this as seamless as possible, we recommend obtaining an OpenAI API key contracted by your organization rather than an individual.

Location: Space Settings > General Settings > OpenAI API Key

In your Space Settings, navigate to General Settings, and then to the OpenAI API Key field. Here, you can register your OpenAI API key. Please note that you'll need to agree to additional terms regarding OpenAI during the registration process.


Enable "Issue Summaries” for Each Project

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Only plan or project administrators can enable the integration.

Navigate to: Project Settings > Integrations > OpenAI

In your Project Settings, go to Integrations and select OpenAI. Within the OpenAI settings, you can enable the Issue Summaries feature and save your changes.

Summarize your issues

Click the "Summarize" button at the top of the Issue page and AI will summarize the currently displayed issue.

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Note: If OpenAI integration is not enabled, the "Summarize" button will not appear.


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