Typetalk Sunset

We regret to inform you that Typetalk will officially be discontinued on December 1, 2025.

We will gradually proceed with the sunset process from now until the official termination date. As of this time, new Typetalk organizations can no longer be created, but existing Typetalk organizations can continue to invite new members. 

Existing Users

An export feature will be released in/around early February 2024 to back up topics and messages. Free and paid plans will be discontinued on December 1, 2025.

Sunset Timeline

Important dates to note for the Typetalk sunset process are listed below.


Date Milestone
November 15, 2023 New Typetalk organizations can no longer be created. 
February 2024  An export feature will be launched to help back up your Typetalk data.

Export all participating topics

Export bot list

Export a topic or direct message

November 30, 2024

Deadline to upgrade to a paid plan for current free and trial users.  

Last subscription renewal for existing paid users.

Plan renewal will be suspended, and usage will be suspended for expired organizations.

November 30, 2025 Deadline to export and back up Typetalk data.
December 1, 2025 The Typetalk app will be officially terminated. Users will no longer have access to Typetalk.
December 30, 2025 All messages, data, and backups on the Typetalk platform will be deleted.


Data Deletion

All messages and other data posted on Typetalk, including backups, will be deleted on December 31, 2025, after the service is terminated, notwithstanding the provisions of "3. Deletion of user data" in the Supplemental Terms and Conditions regarding security.

If the same organization uses our other services, such as Backlog or Cacoo, or stops continuous billing, the organization will remain, and only Typetalk data will be deleted.

If the only service you use is Typetalk (*), the entire organization will be deleted. This includes the case where you have tried other services than Typetalk, and more than 30 days have passed since the trial ended.

Support and Assistance

If you have any questions or concerns related to the discontinuation of Typetalk, please reach out to our support team at the link below.

Contact Us

To learn more about this decision, please read our blog.

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