Post messages to Typetalk using Incoming Webhooks

Incoming webhooks are now available for Typetalk bots. They allow you to post information to Typetalk and integrate with external apps, tools, and services. Organization administrators and members can set up incoming webhooks. 

Enable Incoming Webhooks

  1. Select [•••] in the upper right corner of the topic where you want to post a message using webhooks, and open “Topic Settings”.
  2. Open the “BOTS” tab, and select “Add new”.
  3. Enter any bot ID and bot name, and select “Create”.

When you create a bot, a Typetalk token and a URL to post are generated. These parameters allow incoming webhooks to be used.

Typetalk Token

This is the token key that is required when using the Typetalk API.

Get or post messages URL

This is the URL required when posting to a specific topic.

Incoming Webhook formatting

See the Typetalk Developer API for more information on request formats for posting to Typetalk.

Message Limitations

Currently, messages can have up to 4,000 characters. Consider splitting longer messages if they exceed this limit. You can also group messages in threads by specifying the ID of the parent message in the ‘replyTo’ parameter when posting.

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