Managed Account update overview

What’s the update?

We made Managed Accounts more secure and easier to manage. To enjoy these new features, Managed Accounts created before January 16, 2023 need to be updated. Organization admins will see an alert on the Members screen if there are accounts to update.

Benefits of updating

Multiple organizations

Admins can better manage members belonging to multiple organizations and restrict the ability for a single email to have multiple Nulab Accounts. 

Members can access all their organizations with single sign-on (SSO) rather than having to log in separately for each organization. 

Easier login

Members can log in with SSO using their email or Nulab organization ID.

Change account type

Admins can change Managed Accounts to non-Managed Accounts when/if needed.

Updated vs. not updated

  Updated or created after Jan 16, 2023 Not updated
Organization access Multiple organizations Single organization
Login With email or Nulab organization ID With Nulab organization ID
Change account type Available Not available

Merging accounts during an update

Emails associated with multiple accounts will be merged when you update an existing Managed Account. The Managed Account retains the data and profile information from the previous accounts and allows members to log into all their organizations with SSO. 

How to update

Learn how to update your Managed Accounts.

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