Disable attachments function in Typetalk

If your organization has decided to use only dedicated file services for uploading or attaching files due to security concerns, the administrator can disable the attachments function to prevent members from uploading files in a message.

The disable attachments function is currently only available to users on the paid Standard plan.

Disable attachments setting

To disable file attachments for all members: 

  1. Click the settings button in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click Profile and Permissions.
  3. Disable the Attachments settings in the Permission settings section. 

What happens when attachment settings are disabled?

Other than the administrator, organization members will not know that this setting has been disabled until they try to attach a file. An error message will prompt when uploading a file, indicating that the attachment setting has been disabled.

Disabling the attachments function does not remove previously uploaded files. Organization members can still access the previous files that were uploaded before the change of settings. 

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