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Cacoo offers various types of icons (e.g. arrows, alerts, emoticons, etc.), and you can quickly access them at the Icons panel. 

Add basic icons

You can easily access the Icons panel from the tool menu. To select and add a basic icon:

  1. Click on the icons button from the tool menu and the Icons panel will prompt on the left-hand side.
  2. On the Icons panel, select the styles of the icons and click on the icons that you wish to add. 

Useful tip!

  • You can customize the icons’ color. Just select the icon and edit them using the editor menu. Learn more about the editing functions from the Edit Diagrams articles.
  • To search available icons with a keyword, enter the keyword in the “Search icons” bar.  
  • To filter the icons by categories, select a category from the drop-down menu. 

Icon style

Cacoo supports 3 types of icon styles, and each style can be further edited by changing the color of the icons.

  • Outlined

    Icons are styled with an outline. You can edit the icon outline color.

  • Filled

    Icons are styled with a solid color fill. You can change the filled-in color.
  • Two-toned

    Icons are styled with dual-tone consisting of a lighter shade for the fill color. You can edit the color of the icon’s outline, and its fill color will change accordingly.

Add other applications’ icons

Besides basic icons, you can locate more application icons in the library such as icons from AWS, Kubernetes, Azure, etc. 

To learn more about the icons and shapes library, refer to the More icons and shapes library support article.


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